Hugh Copeland

Hugh R. Copeland is the founder and artistic director of The Hurrah Players Family Theatre Company and performing arts academy. Hurrah’s newly acquired second building in Norfolk’s arts district has been named The Hugh R. Copeland Center.  Hugh holds a master’s degree in acting from Smith College with post graduate work from the University of...

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Tamika Bright

Tamika Bright is a mixed media artist and muralist from northern Virginia. In 2010, she moved to the Hampton Roads area to become a pre-med student at Old Dominion University. For many years, she lived in fear and uncertainty. Simply following what others thought she should do. Her home environment had been very negative and...

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Tamara Wills

Tamara Taneca Wills was born in Portsmouth, VA to Grant Gyland and Gwendolyn Odom in 1975…the year that drugs really impacted the community. Growing up, she saw so many reasons why the culture was changed. Tamara never planned to have children early in life, but being a product of the environment, she had her first...

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