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Tamika Bright

Tamika Bright is a mixed media artist and muralist from northern Virginia. In 2010, she moved to the Hampton Roads area to become a pre-med student at Old Dominion University. For many years, she lived in fear and uncertainty. Simply following what others thought she should do. Her home environment had been very negative and restrictive. After endless exploration, she changed her focus to human services and studio art.

Learning more about human development and the physical make-up of the brain sparked something within her. Being known as a shy, timid girl, art allowed her to be who she truly was. Through art she became exceptionally odd, bold, and outrageous. She became aware of the power she had to truly express who she was and accept herself. She also discovered that art has the power to rebuild neurons within the brain. Tamika translated her negative experiences into beauty! Combining her passion for art and her new mental health discoveries, she developed EVOKENations, an art education brand.

EVOKENations is a brand that focuses on providing and producing art that invites new ways of thinking and encourages self-discovery and expression while highlighting the importance of mental health. Art can bring purpose to the lives of others just as it did for Tamika Bright. The goal of the brand is to positively impact the world by increasing interpersonal skills and meaningful relationships. After beginning her journey to build her brand, Tamika experienced some personal difficulty and, once again, fell victim to depression allowing her negative emotions to take over. She simply stopped creating art allowing outside influences to affect her. Two years had gone by when she was diagnosed with optic neuritis, a condition that left her blind in her right eye for over a week. Once this happened, she realized she could no longer let fear control her. Multiple tests came back negative but doctors reported that they discovered multiple lesions within her brain.

Instantly, she realized that her life could drastically change with a possible diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). She realized that she was here for a divine purpose and she must find it within herself again to be resilient and act on her dreams. It was clear that she must create or perish. Her journey continues now.

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