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Tamara Wills

Tamara Taneca Wills was born in Portsmouth, VA to Grant Gyland and Gwendolyn Odom in 1975…the year that drugs really impacted the community. Growing up, she saw so many reasons why the culture was changed. Tamara never planned to have children early in life, but being a product of the environment, she had her first...

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Michele Michaelian

Michele Michaelian, Recovery Coordinator for The Virginia Conference United Methodist Church, was raised in Richmond and now lives in Virginia Beach with her husband, Paul, a former PGA Golf Professional.  Together, they are very active in missions and outreach at their church, Courthouse Community UMC.  Michele has served and lead many mission teams including Katrina response, Super...

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Jason Redman headshot

Jason Redman

Lieutenant Jason Redman joined the Navy on September 11, 1992 and spent eight years as an enlisted SEAL.  As an enlisted SEAL Redman completed three deployments throughout Central and South America and spent two years as a training instructor before being selected for the Seaman to Admiral Commissioning program in 2000. He attended Old Dominion...

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Doris Gomez headshot

Dr. Doris Gomez

Originally from Austria, Dr. Doris Gomez earned her MBA at the University of Economics & Business Administration in Vienna. After several years in the global business world and years of experience in global trade, retail, manufacturing and consulting, she completed her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership at Regent University’s School of Business & Leadership. Upon completion...

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Rae Pearson Benn headshot

Rae Pearson Benn

Rae Pearson Benn, the host of Our Issues Hampton Roads, seamlessly aligns with her commitment to be a public servant in both her personal and professional life. She has served citizens as a media professional at WAVY TV-10, CBN (the Christian Broadcasting Network), the City of Chesapeake’s WCTV under the Public Communications Department, as well...

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